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Z-Technology, s.r.o.

RPZ 15 - device working according to the findings of Dr. R.R. Rifa. The device works both in Offline and Online mode - that is, without and with a computer. New improved model.
VARIANT - without transport case (the generator is delivered in a hardened cardboard package. The price includes transport within Prague, installation of the RPZ 15 control program on your PC and operator training.
Bonus - already preset programs tested by us More

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Currently, there are two devices on the world market that partially reach RPZ 15 with their technical data. The company Z-technology s.r.o. chose a completely different and completely original production process for its plasma generator design.

The development of RPZ 14 took 3 years (now already on sale RPZ 15 - 15 version of the generator). We didn't want an average device at the time, we wanted to build on the successful design of the Super Ravo Zapper - so have a plasma generator that will be a world-class product. After several poorly chosen connections, we managed to develop completely unique circuits.

The generator has been in operation since mid-2008 and several private clinical assessments have been carried out, which show the absolute exceptionality of this device.

RPZ 14 (15) has a completely original design that has not been copied anywhere. The output signal is not just an ordinary rectangle or sine, which is used by the vast majority of "manufacturers", who then, when their device starts to "light up", often use false and invented stories for their clients :-)

The RPZ 14 ( 15 ) is a carefully developed construction of power circuits that guarantee what the user expects from the device.

The patent holder of the Rife/Bare device (American inventor and designer James Bare) reaches a maximum frequency of 500kHz with his products.

There are also devices on the market that work in higher frequency bands. However, the accuracy of these devices in emitting frequencies into their surroundings is highly questionable.

Plasma generator of Czech construction by Z-technology s.r.o. works perfectly accurately, without distortion of output pulses from 1 Hz to 900 kHz. Other manufacturers are not yet technically able to build such generators. If so, they are just signal amplifiers, which is certainly not the case with the RPZ 15.

James Bare sent us a big congratulations years ago after the launch of the RPZ 14 on a huge step forward in the development of these devices and wished us much success in our future endeavours.

The construction of this generator is literally alchemy, everything has to be absolutely precise, many components are manufactured only for the purposes of our generator and the development and production of high voltage components is completely supplied by the manufacturer in the USA. At the output, which ignites the plasma discharge, there is a jump voltage of up to 5,000 - 8,000 Volts, jump current surges reach several hundreds of Amperes. Plasma tubes filled with Helium/Neon mixture are supplied to us by an experienced specialist company from Canada.

The design of our plasma generator represents a very significant shift in the industry. The tubes, which send pulses to the surroundings of approx. 15 m (the diameter of the circle of action - the ideal distance of the sample on which we act is approx. 2-3 m), are manufactured with the exact composition of noble gases. This composition of gases is VERY important. Each gas has different capabilities that fundamentally affect the final desired effect of the device. The desired effect here is not a nice color or a nice light.

Our efforts have already been rewarded by the satisfaction of thousands of customers - researchers - who already know what this world-class product can do.

Note: The optical effect of plasma discharge ignition is different for almost every device. In other words - each device at the same frequency can optically emit a different optical spectrum. This effect is secondary from the point of view of the efficiency of the RPZ 14 (15) and has no effect on the function of the device. As soon as the plasma discharge is ignited, the set frequency is immediately radiated by the RPZ 14 (15) device to the surroundings of the generator. The color or intensity of the "light" from the tube is in no way decisive for the correct function and efficiency of the RPZ 14 (15).

The RPZ 15 is a device whose efficiency is absolutely exceptional due to its original design. Unfortunately, both its dimensions and its weight correspond to this, and last but not least, its price.

However, these "flaws" are not self-serving. We can build circuits that light up the same tube and weigh less than a kilogram even with the generator. However, what our customers demand, this generator does not and cannot fulfill.

Other products with the name Plasma generator have appeared on the Czech market. They use ignorance of this issue.

Buying a fancy plasma ball or plasma disc from our fellow Chinese citizens for CZK 350 and then adding a frequency generator to it is a job for the average radio amateur. But it is a Tesla transformer, which has nothing to do with the action of plasma frequencies according to R. Rif's principle. It is a blatant misuse of Raymond Rif's name for personal gain and defrauding customers. These Chinese "plasma balls" do not have sufficient power for any effect from 30 cm from the ball. At this distance, there is a strong electric field that can effectively ignite, for example, a fluorescent tube if you bring it closer to the ball. But that's all. It is an optical decoration, nothing more. Don't be fooled by talk of a "New System" or some kind of "plasma wave". It's complete nonsense and it's funny how these entrepreneurs explain the "action" of these toys.

All "plasma generators" that produce "lightning" are based on the principle of the Tesla transformer and do not have the principle developed by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife nothing to do.
We will not respond to the nonsense and lies that these "manufacturers" put on their websites. See for yourself that decorative lighting is probably not the right thing...
or here:

..how about a plasma disk? - https://www.e-audio.cz/Plazma-disk-30cm-modry-d9831.htm
Not one of the listed final stages for "plasma generator", "multi generator" or even "DNA Quantum", which should work according to Dr. Rif's knowledge, can be used. If anyone says they do, they are simply lying.

We are publishing this notice here at the request of many customers who have asked our company to comment on these amateur products.
Watch this movie and make up your own mind.
Video - who was Dr. R.R. Rife:

RPZ 15 is a completely professional device with absolutely clear results - precisely generated frequencies.

Technical parameters of RPZ 15:
Lifetime of the plasma tube stated by the manufacturer: min. 3000 hours of operation (for 90% of the tubes, the service life is at least twice as long)
Supply voltage: 230V AC
Power consumption approx. 300W (at 900kHz)
350 presets
Effective power at 900kHz: 225W
Instantaneous pulse power in the higher band: approx. 7 kW
Dimensions: 600 x 300 x 200 mm
weight: 25 Kg

Frequency range:
Lower band:
from 1 Hz to 999 Hz.
The possibility of setting the frequency with an accuracy of thousandths of Hz.
Pulse length 3 uS (microseconds).
Higher band:
from 1 kHz to 900 kHz.
The possibility of setting the frequency with an accuracy of thousandths of kHz.
Pulse length 200 nS (nanoseconds).