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Guangzhou Hibon Electronic Technolo - Lazena

The novelty of this bottle is that it has a sound signal in it - it beeps once when it starts and beeps 3 times when the process is finished. Content is 200 ml, you can buy a spare bottle 300 or 400 ml for the price of 216 CZK.
Molecular hydrogen H2 is the strongest antioxidant, it has no side effects. Molecular hydrogen separates and destroys only harmful free radicals. More

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WATER ENRICHMENT BOTTLE WITH MOLECULAR HYDROGEN HB - H04M. For proper use of the purchased bottle, please read this user manual carefully before using it for the first time. A few words about molecular hydrogen enriched water

 Water enriched with molecular hydrogen is called the water of life and the more you drink it, the more it will counteract ageing. You can also use it to maintain your skin by washing. It is easily absorbed into the skin.

 Water enriched with molecular hydrogen is good for the gut and stomach, supports circulation and metabolism, and maintains and balances the endocrine system.

 Water enriched with molecular hydrogen is good for improving cell renewal and regeneration.

 Water enriched with molecular hydrogen is beneficial to reduce blood viscosity, improve micro circulation and improve blood vessel elasticity.

 Water enriched with molecular hydrogen is beneficial for improving water quality and sterilization. MOST IMPORTANT PROPERTIES

 SPE membrane technology

 can be used for high quality drinking water, treated water, reverse osmosis treated water

 produces pure hydrogen water without ozone and chlorine

 high hydrogen concentration and ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) H2: 1.3 after 5 min and 1.5 after 7 min ppm ORP: -450 to -650 mV

    The novelty of this vial is that it has an audible signal in it - it beeps once when started and beeps 3 times when the process is finished

 separates hydrogen and oxygen

 long life electrolytic plate

dimensions: 205 mm x 65 mm

weight: 350 g

bottle volume: 200 ml (a spare bottle of 300 or 400 ml can be purchased at a price of 216 CZK)

package contents: bottle, user manual, USB cable, power supply

material: glass, ABS plastic (bisphenol A free), stainless steel, titanium, platinum

electrolytic plates are made in South Korea, PEM membrane is made in USA other components in China, service available in Czech Republic.


1. Quality of water that should be used To achieve the best results and the highest quality of hydrogen water, we recommend using high quality drinking water, treated water or reverse osmosis treated water. DO NOT POUR CARBONATED WATER INTO THE BOTTLE! This would create too much pressure which can damage the bottle.

2. Before using the bottle for the first time, fill the bottle to a height of about 2.5 cm with water and allow the SPE membrane to soak for 4 hours. If you leave the bottle dry for a long time, you must repeat this step.

3. Cleaning and regular maintenance Avoid using organic solvents or strong chemicals. Mild soap and water work best.

4. Do not immerse the bottle in water Do not put the bottom of the bottle in water. It contains electronic components that can be destroyed by immersion in water.

5. Avoid direct sunlight Keep the bottle out of direct sunlight.

6. Avoid frost Protect the bottle from frost.

7. Warranty Service Warranty service may only be performed by an authorized distributor or repairer.


Oxygen extractor

Electrolytic plate

Citric acid


Before first use, connect the bottle to a power source and fully charge the battery. The red light flashes during charging and stops flashing once the battery is fully charged. Keep the charger dry and out of direct sunlight. Use only the charger designed to charge this bottle. Do not use any other device to charge the bottle.


1. Clean the bottle first before use. Fill it with drinking water just below the rim, then screw the cap on tightly.

2. Press the button. The light on the button will turn blue, it will take 5 minutes to produce hydrogen. Press the button a second time and the light will turn green, hydrogen production will take 7 minutes. Press the button a third time to turn the bottle off.

3. After 5 or 7 minutes, the indicator light will turn off and the process is complete. If you want to achieve a higher concentration of molecular hydrogen, then use the process for 7 minutes.

4. You can drink the hydrogen enriched water directly from the bottle or transfer it to another glass. Drink the water immediately, but no longer than 1 hour after the process is completed. The molecular hydrogen evaporates over time.

5. If the indicator light starts flashing red, it indicates a low battery and the bottle needs to be recharged.

6. After three or more uses, water should be poured out of the bottom drain of the bottle. Open it and remove the water.



Power consumption ≤ 10 W

Maximum capacity 200 ml - up to 400 ml possible (second bottle)

Required water quality

Drinking water Water temperature 0 - 60 °C

Size 205 x 67 mm

Net weight 530 g

Molecular hydrogen concentration 0.8 - 1.6 ppm (standard atmospheric pressure)

ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) - 450 mV to - 650 mV

Product material Glass/PP (polypropylene) - BPA-free (bisphenol A)


Rinse the inside of the bottle with water. Fill the bottle halfway and shake vigorously. Pour out the water but leave a small amount at the bottom of the bottle and close the cap tightly.

 PROPER CLEANING Use citric acid to clean the electrolytic plates. These plates are located at the bottom of the bottle. Over time, these plates collect plaque and scale from minerals. Fill the bottle half full and pour in 5 grams of citric acid, let soak for 1 to 2 hours, shake the bottle several times and pour out the dirty water. Rinse again with clean water.

 ADJUSTMENT OF SMELL After prolonged use, the bottle may smell. Pour water at 60-80°C into the bottle and let it soak for 5 minutes to reduce the odour.

 Do not pour boiling water into the bottle or fill the bottle with water above 80 °C.

 Do not clean the bottle with detergents or volatile solvents. A declaration of conformity has been issued for the device in accordance with Act 22/1997 Coll. The EC Regulation 1907/2006 or REACH on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals is complied with during import. The equipment complies with the RoHS (Rescriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive 2011/65/EU.

The option to withdraw within 14 days "without reason" does not apply to these goods for cause:

the goods are in a sealed package that the consumer has removed from the packaging and cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.