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FRQ generator Super Ravo Zapper + stainless steel flat electrode 2023 More

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The new Super Ravo Zapper optically differs from the previous model only in a small detail - the USB input to the device. Inside the new Super Ravo Zapper, however, is a completely different device. The frequency generator has been fine-tuned for maximum use of the potential of the output signal, but the programming part is completely different from the previous type. Over 740 presets can be stored in the new Super Ravo Zapper. Either individual fixed frequencies, offset frequencies, or entire packages of frequencies or frequency offsets that the Super Ravo Zapper will automatically trigger one after the other in one integrated preset. Frequencies can be easily stored in the device's memory with an accuracy of thousandths of Hz or kHz. The program for PC, which can be freely downloaded from the website www.zapper.cz, allows very simple and quick entry of preset names, frequency values, frequency shift, etc. So you can very easily adapt the Super Ravo Zapper to your needs and make full use of its unique output a signal whose exact composition is known only to a narrow circle of people.

New Super Ravo Zapper:

740 presets
fully programmable via PC
the possibility of a subtle frequency shift
clear display
internal accumulator
transport case
2 books

Technical parameters of the new Super Ravo Zapper model:

Frequency adjustable:
Lower band: from 1 Hz to 999 Hz.
Higher band: from 1 kHz to 900 kHz.
Edge steepness approx. 30 nS.
Lower band: 0.001 Hz to 0.255 second.
Higher band: 0.001 kHz to 0.255 kHz per second.
Output voltage adjustable: peak-peak approx. 5 - 15 V.
Dynamic evaluation depending on the set frequency and output voltage.
Memory: space for 744 records of presets and groups of different frequency ranges (PC) with the possibility of editing in the device.
Backlit display 16 x 2 characters.
USB connector for communication with a computer, which enables the management of presets, groups and user texts of the language equipment of the device.
With the device you will receive from us for FREE:

Free postage
Original instructions
CAFL frequency lists, about 2,000 pathogens from the latest research in the world.

You don't need to buy different "keys" with additional frequencies for the Super Ravo Zapper device, you don't need to operate it with a connection to a PC, etc. You buy our device and you have at your disposal a frequency generator with a unique output signal that is protected by an industrial design. You can fully use the frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 900,000 Hz (900 kHz) on either precision (accuracy to the thousandths of Hz) or sliding frequency bands.Set your preferences on PC with frequencies that you can select and name yourself from several public lists and with a single click you copy everything to the Super Ravo Zapper. Then you disconnect the Super Ravo Zapper from the PC and you can use the Super Ravo Zapper - everything has been written into the device's memory. We are still modifying the program for the Super Ravo Zapper according to your comments, the current version can be downloaded in the "Download" menu .The program is not yet available for Apple.

Of course, you can also change the frequency values ​​and preset names manually, using the control buttons on the Zapper.

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Super Ravo Zapper is certified by certification body No. 3018, accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation, o.p.s. according to ČSN EN 45011 according to ČSN EN 61326-1:07

Super Ravo Zapper is a trademark registered with the UPV CR.

The SRZ program only works with Windows.

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